Quem Somos


- Pinto & Bentes, lda., with its constitution in 1952, began its activity installing LT (Low tension) and HT (High Tension) power lines in mainland Portugal as well as in Madeira and Azores.

- In the 60's the company begins to expand, widening its portfolio, firstly by introducing the production of metallic structures, mainly for MT and HT projects, and stepping abroad, implementing its first projects, mainly in Portuguese speaking African countries, setting a remarkable standard and reaching new frontiers.

- The 90's, and constantly adapting to an increasingly changing market environment, sets off the beginning of the diversification of the company's services, while in 1991 Railroad Electrification Work started, in 1993 Live Tension Linesmen began their endeavour and in 1997 substations became part of our domain.

- May 2001 sets a new era for Pinto & Bentes, with changes in the shareholder structure, following new management, introducing new working methods, restructuring the company, turning it into a more dynamic, ambitious and competitive operation.

- In July 2001 the company attains Quality Certification regarding ISO 9002 rules by APCER, allowing access to new clients and markets.

- From the beginning of the century and millennium, P&B continues to pursue its diversification seeking global client satisfaction setting in 2002 activities in telecommunications, gas, water, and maintenance.

- In 2003 Project and Environment business areas are created and the quality certificate transitions towards ISO 9001-2000 standards.

- In 2004 Renewable energy area is created and the Northern Pinto & Bentes Division opens.

- 2005 sets off with operations in Spain with natural gas network construction and in Ireland with Medium and High Tension Lines.